What is WASHOKU Explorer?

WASHOKU Explorer is an online marketplace for curated Japanese foods and ingredients. Here you can find genuine Japanese foods otherwise unavailable outside Japan. Japanese cuisine, known in Japanese as “WASHOKU,” was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list as one of the most beautiful cuisines in the world in 2013. We deliver the essence of this delicious and healthy cuisine, WASHOKU, appreciated around the world.

What is WASHOKU?

Japan, like other countries around the world, enjoys its own unique food culture. Examples of WASHOKU include sushi, tempura, yakitori and much more. WASHOKU also includes many local specialties enjoyed in a variety of unique ways.

The Charm of WASHOKU Explorer

Authentic Japanese food is profound

Products commonly found at local supermarkets outside Japan, such as soy sauce, tofu, etc., are often mere imitations of authentic WASHOKU products. Here, you can find detailed information about authentic products produced by small-sized Japanese companies which maintain uncompromising quality, both in their of ingredients and processes. These products can be easily obtained through WASHOKU Explorer.

The secret of Japanese people’s longevity

The producers introduced by WASHOKU Explorer are fortuitous professionals focused on producing safe and secure foods. Since ancient times, Japanese people who consume these special selected foods have maintained long and healthy lives. However, since these fine rare foods are not produced in volume and large-scale promotions are not conducted, it has not been easy for people outside Japan to get them.

Our mission: deliver accurate information and service

Although WASHOKU has been attracting worldwide attention, the number of people who have experienced authentic Japanese food is relatively small. WASHOKU Explorer is not just a distributor: our purpose is to deliver the charms of WASHOKU to the world accurately and with cordial service. Our dream is to welcome the day that the beauty of WASHOKU makes the whole world a happy place.

Service Features

Online Marketplace for Curated Japanese Food and Ingredients

WASHOKU Explorer is the one and only online marketplace which provides curated authentic Japanese foods to the world. We deliver the secrets of health and longevity to your doorstep, no matter where you live. Furthermore, we provide detailed instructions on how to cook and eat WASHOKU with pictures and explanatory notes so even those without a deep knowledge of Japan can enjoy WASHOKU as authentically as possible.

Our attractive products are only available in Japan

The attractive products we introduce in WASHOKU Explorer are produced by small sized companies which can only be bought in Japan. Now you can enjoy these products like locals that you could not have tasted without visiting Japan. We are certain that you will be pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of these products as these will not go back to mass produced on the market.

Daily Deal Price & Free Shipping

WASHOKU Explorer is delighted to offer you our curated products for a special price as a limited-time offer. We will also ship these items to you for free from Japan. These items are normally difficult to purchase for the prices offered during our limited-time sale. Please join us in enjoying these well-curated Japanese foods.

Our Messages

Hello everyone.
Welcome to the world of WASHOKU Explorer.

We are incredibly pleased to have the opportunity to introduce our cherished Japanese cuisine, WASHOKU, to everyone around the world.

Delicious, beautiful, and healthy: our mission is to bring the story of this miracle cuisine to everyone.

It’s my sincere dream that the discovery of this new culinary experience brings a smile to your face.

Hidekazu Saito
Founder, WASHOKU Explore

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