A sushi shop, SHOCACUZUSHI, was launched in 1985 in Suma, a well-known sea-side city for the rich fishery industry in the western Japan. It is devoted to serving the best sushi dishes with quality ingredients – rice, raw fish, su (vinegar) and soy sauce. In 2015, SHOCACU PONZU WORKSHOP was additionally launched with the aim to market PONZU, its then most popular item produced in a secret way for the last thirty-two years, across the country and worldwide. PONZU was upgraded to SHIKO NO PONZU, or the ultimate ponzu, which is gaining popularity across the world today.


What is SHOCACU?
SHO of SHOCACU stands for matsu, pine trees in Japanese, which is traditionally considered as a sacred tree habited by Gods. When Gods descend to shrines in rituals, matsu welcome Gods and shut away evil spirits. CACU of SHOCACU stands for a crane, which is respected as a good-luck-bringing bird for its resonant cry that reaches to heaven. SHOCACU, such a lucky name signifying good fortune, has long been familiar to the local people over generations.

SHOCACU’s products are all made from 100% domestically-produced and natural ingredients, free from chemical additive stuff, such as colorings, sweeteners and preservatives. No used are cheap extracts, either.

The best suited ingredients should be collected from all over Japan; yuzu and sudachi (Japanese citrons) from Shikoku, the major renowned island as the biggest grower of the top quality Japanese citrons. Katsuobushi (dried bonito) from Kagoshima, southwest area, and konbu (dried kelp) from Hokkaido, a northern island, are both worldwide-known brands for the finest aroma and quality. No soy sauce made from genetically-modified soybeans is used.

SHOCAKU’s products are produced manually throughout all stages by experienced specialists: there is no automated process. To avoid contamination, one tool is individually used for one piece of product and always sterilized before use. The finished products are visually confirmed to keep off tampering and a taste testing is performed – in case any minor difference is detected, all related products are scrapped and production is commenced once again from scratch.

These consistent approaches have established the quality and trusted SHOCACU brands.

A set of vinegars – SHIKO NO PONZU and TOSAZU

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