In 1975, UCHINOYA was launched as a deli of OSOUZAI, Japan’s good old home cooking, in Hyogo Prefecture in the Kansai region, which is located in the south-western part of Japan. UCHINOYA has devoted all energy to the production of authentic OSOUZAI, always sticking to the traditional recipes, handmade production throughout all stages, maintaining the production of safe products by not utilizing food additives, colorings and preservatives, and always preserving freshness at its best.
As such, this sincere approach established a great popularity within the region, resulting with UCHINOYA expanding to all regions in Japan and then worldwide.
After long-standing cut and try process, UCHINOYA developed an unique way to make each dish storable at room temperature to enable even long-distance shipping. Once production is complete, the hot-and-fresh dishes are instantly vacuum-packed and heat sterilized to maintain a germ-free condition.
Today, UCHINOYA is putting all efforts into entertaining worldwide people with OSOUZAI, the folksy taste of Japanese homemade cooking.

Since its launch, UCHINOYA has continued to purchase fresh ingredients every morning and ensure all ingredients are used and not wasted within a single day of production. The fresh ingredients are prepared and cooked by hand throughout the process. Instead of food additives, chemical seasonings, colorings and preservatives, UCHINOYA uses exactly the same seasonings used at ordinary homes, such as sugar, soy sauce, salt, miso, mirin, etc. The finished products are instantly vacuum-packed to keep the hot-and-fresh taste and best flavor.
This consistent effort to preserve the freshness and safety successfully creates the authentic, or unchanged savor of OSOUZAI, Japanese traditional homemade cooking.

Toshinori Uchino, President

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