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Wasabi sauce! Try These Easy Recipes with Healthy Japanese Dressing

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Hi everyone!
I would like to introduce “Wasabi Soy Sauce Dressing”, which combines two of washoku’s biggest flavors together. It is made in Shinshu, where I am originally from.
First, let’s talk about the primary ingredient in this dressing, soy sauce. The extreme cold and low humidity throughout the year in Shinshu naturally keep temperatures inside the soy mix barrels lower, hence creating a soy sauce that is even milder than the usual variety. These conditions make Shinshu the most ideal place to produce soy sauce in Japan.
The product manufacturer, Marusho Jouzou, has been making soy sauce for 120 years and does its utmost to create a traditional soy sauce that helps customers to understand and appreciate the unique flavor of the Shinshu region.
“Wasabi Soy Sauce Dressing” was born through this mild soy sauce, coupled with the fresh wasabi grown from the natural waters of the Shinshu region. The wasabi flavor truly comes alive in this sauce and makes for a spicy, yet healthy, accompaniment to any dish.

■What is Wasabi? Understanding the Many Secret Health Benefits of Enjoying Wasabi!

Those of you who like Japan will likely know about wasabi and have tasted it before; for example, you are probably all familiar with that green topping that comes on the side when you eat sushi! However, do you know what a whole wasabi looks like, how it is grown and how that green paste is actually made? Wasabi is not just a topping – it has so many great benefits for your health! Let me share some of the hidden knowledge about wasabi.
Wasabi’s scientific name is Wasabia Japonica, and it is originally from Japan. It is also called Japanese horseradish, although horseradish is actually a different plant which is often used as a substitute for wasabi.
Japanese wasabi can only be grown in places where there is a large amount of clean, cold water. The water temperature has to be between 9℃ to 16℃ – wasabi is very delicate so if the water temperature exceeds 20℃, it can begin to rot within 3 hours. 
Though it looks rugged in appearance, wasabi still becomes this famous green paste after it’s been peeled and grated with special tool (SAME GAWA OROSHI: made from shark skin).
The left one is not made from real Japanese Wasabi. It is mixed of Japanese Wasabi and Horseradish. The taste, appearance, texture are very different!!

Let’s go over some of the healthy things about wasabi – including detox, anti-aging and dietary benefits!
You may not know this, but a lot of what goes on inside a wasabi plant is accredited to a specific sulfur/oxygen bond known as Sulfinyl. Whenever a wasabi plant is damaged, the sulfinyl combines with other molecules to make 6-methylthiohexyl isothiocyanate (6-MSITC), a chemical group that helps to keep you younger. Sulfinyl is a powerful anti-oxidant, so consuming it regularly can help to reverse early ageing as it lowers reactive oxygen in the body. As well as helping to ward off cancer, Sulfinyl also works to lessen the general wear and tear on your body that occurs as a result of the normal ageing process.
6-MSITC also works to inhibit so-called platelet aggregation, i.e. the clumping together of platelets into blood clots. Therefore, it prevents blood clots from forming and effectively reduces your risk of suffering heart attacks and strokes.
Wasabi is also praised for helping to maintain cardiovascular health overall, as well as keeping the skin clear.
Now that you know why wasabi is great for your health, why don’t you see how it tastes? Here are some ways to try this wasabi soy sauce.

■Our Recommended, Easy Recipes for Using this Wasabi Soy Sauce

The Basic Japanese way!
● Over healthy tofu topped with chopped green onions – It goes great with white wine or Japanese sake. It not only tastes good but has very few calories.
● Together with Yakitori – enjoy a light yet spicy taste. Of course, any grilled chicken dish is actually a good match.
● Carpaccio salad with salmon and avocado – a very popular dish in Japan, especially in Izakaya restaurants.
A surprisingly great match with non-Japanese foods too!
● As a pizza topping or dip – to spice up that traditional pizza flavor with something different, try instead of hot sauce.
●With beef steak and red wine – when matched with our amazing sauce, this combination won’t upset your stomach!

■Price and Details 

Price  $19for 3
( *Shipments outside of Japan may incur customs fees, depending on destination country)

Product Details
◇Product Name: Wasabi Soy Sauce Dressing
・Rapeseed oil, Olive oil, Brewage, Sweet sake, Wasabi, Sugar, Sake, Yeast extract, Kelp, Agar, flavor
◇Amount: 150ml
◇Expiration date: 3 months from delivery date
◇How to store after opening: store in a cool, dark place to avoid direct sunlight
◇Country of origin: Nagano, Japan
◇Seller: Kengo Kodaira
◇Manufacturer: Marusho Jouzou
◇Shipping information: Products will be shipped within 5 days after the ending sales period from Japan.
(Estimated shipping time for Asia is 3 days, 5 days for Europe/US)
Allergy Information 
This product contains wheat, soy, and alcohol.

“The Curator of foods in Shinshu”
Born in 1972, in Nagano prefecture.
Introducing the finely selected specialty from the treasure house of foods “Shinshu area”.
“Shinshu” is where has the highest rate of longevity in Japan, the secret of their longevity is “food”!

Product Variations
Price $19
Wasabi Soy Sauce Dressing

"Wasabi Soy Sauce Dressing" 150ml x 3 bottles
-Easy to use small sized glass bottle
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