1. How do I sign up?

1-1. You can sign up here -> Signing up is free but your Facebook account or email address is required.
1-2. How do I know my information is secure?
We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to keep your information safe.
1-3. I forgot my password, what should I do?
Click “Lost your password?” on the login page and type the registered email address. We will send you your password.
1-4. How do I update my credit card?
Update it using your PayPal account page.
1-5. How do I change the email address on my account?
1, Log In to your WASHOKU Explorer account
2, Click on My Page at the top right corner
3, Click on Account settings
4, Enter your new email address
5, Click on Confirm
6, Click on Edit
1-6. How do I cancel my registration?
Contact us, please.

2. Ordering Products

2-1. How do I find products?
Newly arrived products are in the middle of the Home page.
You can see all products on the Discover page.
2-2. How does WASHOKU Explorer pick the products that are featured on the site?
Our curators, specialists in Japanese food, seek the most authentic, healthiest and most beautiful Japanese food, check the each food, and choose for you.
2-3. What is a WASHOKU Sensei?
“Sensei” means a teacher in Japanese. We call people who introduce and recommend wonderful Japanese food to you WASHOKU Sensei. They including farmers, producers, food specialists and curators at WASHOKU Explorer.
2-4.  I have questions for the WASHOKU Sensei.
Contact us, please.
2-5. How do I order the products?
 Find your favorite one, click on Buy Now or Get this Product, and follow the directions for purchase.
2-6. How long does it take to receive my orders?
 Products will be shipped from Japan within 7 days after the checkout. (Estimated shipping time for Asia is 3 days; 5 days for Europe / US)
2-7. Why do you have the selling time?
We cannot accept order cancelations due to the limited shelf life of food products.

3. Receiving Products

3-1. How do I get my orders?
We send orders by EMS. Orders are then delivered to you by a local delivery service in your country.
3-2. How do I change my shipping address?
3-3. I still haven’t received my orders!
3-4.  My items arrived damaged. What do I do?
Get a “damage report” from the local delivery service. Then refer to the contact information in your confirmation email.
3-5. What is your Return Policy?
As a distributor of food products we cannot accept returns.
3-6. Will customs duties be charged?
Based on your country’s laws, you may be charged predetermined customs duties. In that case, please pay them to the delivery service Customs charges vary by country.

4. Others

4-1. Who operates the service?
WASHOKU Explorer is operated “Gohan Standard Inc.”, located in Tokyo, Japan. See details here.
4-2. I’d like to request a product that would be perfect for WASHOKU Explorer. How do I get in touch?